Share the Joy

Are you full of joy and ready to spread it around?  This week is a good time to focus on the joy that is in your heart or maybe even the joy that is not in your heart yet?  Some of you may be too focused on getting things done before Christmas or your holiday celebration and don’t feel joyful yet.  Some of you are trying to complete the end of year tasks for work that need to be done to close out 2017 successfully.  Others may be getting ready to travel away or even prepare for out of town guests to arrive.  Regardless of what is happening in your life during the holidays, it is extremely important to remember that having joy and sharing joy is the number one most important thing to do right now.  Some of you are saying, easier said than done, I know, but important regardless since joy is what everyone needs not only now but throughout the year to continue on the path to a beautifulife.

Let me help by giving you some simple reminders as to how you can keep joy in your life and share joy with others this holiday season and beyond, even when things are a bit hectic and your time is so scarce.

  • Smile more than usual and be extra cheerful.
  • Spend a little extra time with older people or someone who is alone and lend them a listening ear.
  • Call a loved one that you have not spoken to for awhile and wish them happy holidays.
  • Buy a little gift for those that are good to you through the year and drop it by as a surprise.
  • Have a baking day for cookies or holiday treats and share them with others.
  • Give more compliments than usual and make someone’s day.
  • Have a couple of Christmas shopping days to enjoy purchasing items in person instead of online.
  • Create a Christmas Card and send it regular mail or email.
  • Play Christmas music and sounds of the season to get everyone’s spirits high.
  • Send a few gift baskets to loved ones far away.
  • Take time to wrap, even just a few items yourself if you rely on others for this.
  • Pray for joy for you own life and for the life of others.

I am confident that by remembering just a few of these things, you will find yourself feeling more joyful and able to better spread the joy to others so that this season is merry, bright and full of love and peace.

My affirmation for you this week is;

“I am taking extra time to share joy with others this holiday season so that my light will help others to shine more brightly.”

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