Think Happy - Be Happy

I believe the key to having real success in life is to be happy but how does one find that true happiness and how can you make it happen in your life every day?  Some people may even say, is it really possible to have happiness in your life daily while dealing with the various things that creep in to try to bring you down and steal your joy?

My answer is yes, but there is one significant thing to remember to make that happen.  You need to think happy thoughts. No matter what life brings you from one day to the next, if you keep your thoughts positive and happy, you will overcome and rise above anything that comes your way, and you will keep moving towards living your most balanced and beautifulife.

I have some favorite thoughts that can keep you focused on all of the good and can usually turn around any bad or unfavorable situation in your life.

I have listed some here for you to consider keeping close at heart;

-None of it really matters in the big picture...remember, its no big deal.

-Tomorrow is a new day...and then there is another and another, so let it go.

-When one door closes, another will open...which never ceases to amaze me.

-There is always a bright side to have to look hard sometimes to find it.

-I am bigger and stronger than can overcome anything you set your mind to.

-There is a lesson to be learned in everything...our experiences mold and shape who we are.

-This too shall pass...everything does, in the blink of an eye.

-There is beauty in favorite way to look at things.

-My blessings overshadow any disappointment...count your blessings first and last every day.

I am calm and at peace with my life...breathe and pray to stay focused.

There is not one thing or one person that can rock my are unique, special, influential and essential.

Remember that happiness does not come from others or outside sources like a job, money, your loved ones, or your passions.  People and things cannot be there for you at every turn, and you are entirely responsible for your own happiness. Regardless of your past experiences, you have to live in the now, for today and continue to know that only you can change how you think and how you feel.  The most important work you can do is to work on keeping your thoughts happy which will ultimately keep YOU happy.

My affirmation for you this week is;

"I keep positive, inspiring words close to my heart, so it is natural for me to think happy and to be happy every day."

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