Just Say It!

Why is it so hard for some people to say what they really feel?  Do you speak what is indeed on your mind all the time, or do you say what you think people want to hear?  Why is it that some people tend to shy away from speaking the truth but instead either remain silent or fill the gap with words that don't really shadow their true feelings or thoughts?  

There may be a few reasons that people tend to hold back, and one of them just might be that there are individuals who have, over time learned to suppress their true feelings for one reason or another.  There are also individuals who are so nice, they don't want to disappoint or hurt someone's feelings.

When I was a young girl growing up, I remember times that I knew my Mom was mad or upset with us, her kids, or whatever she was upset about, yet she was so sweet she would hold it in, maybe walk outside or walk away and would never really let it out, get mad or let us know how she was really feeling.  I would say to her "Mom, tell us how you really feel, don't be afraid to express yourself and voice your feelings!”

Now, there is a fine line that you need to pay attention to so that you are not saying things that will hurt peoples feelings, but at the same time you are being honest, sincere and full of integrity when you are talking to or with people. So, how do you keep that delicate balance so that you are not holding things in, but also feel good about your conversations?

  • Focus on the person you are talking to and try not to be distracted by other people, thoughts or tasks so that you can have genuine conversations.
  • Know that it is good to be honest and sincere with your feelings, after all, the person you are talking to may just need to hear the truth.
  • Keeping things bottled up inside is not healthy for your mind and your body and saying what you feel can give you an overall sense of peace, confidence, and satisfaction.
  • Make sure you listen carefully to others so that when you speak you say the right things, answer the right questions and speak your truth from the heart.
  • Remember, there is a time and a place to address certain things, so make sure you are sensitive to the conversations you have as well as when and where to have them.

My hope is that you say what you feel, mean what you say and always strive to speak the truth in love every day of your lives.

The affirmation of the week is;

“I am learning to speak only truth and know that my words come from the depths of my heart”

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