True Colors

It always amazes me to see how people react when faced with the pressure of a crisis, confrontation, emergency, disaster, crossroads or just a major decision. Why is it that some people tend to change so much when the going gets tough instead of staying true to who they have always portrayed to have been to the world?  

Why is it that so many shy away from the person they truly are down deep inside, and instead try to be someone that they never really fit well into the mold of anyway?  I feel strongly about the fact that we should dig deep inside to pull out the personalities, gifts and traits that we were blessed with and to not be afraid to let the world know who we really are.

Wouldn't it make life better if we knew exactly who someone was at the start of a relationship or friendship rather then finding out later that this person is completely different than what we thought?  My suggestion would be to get to know someone long enough to see them work through the good times and the tough times to see how they react and who they become or don't become in the midst of it all.

Maybe it would be a good idea to test the waters when thinking about a long-term relationship with someone and make sure that you witness their character during both the calm and chaotic times of this thing called life.  My aunt used to tell me when I was young that if you go through all four seasons with someone in a relationship you will really get to know them but I also think that the seasons should be more than just certain times of the year.  

I believe that you should go through the various seasons of life both positive and negative which would include commitment, achievements, discoveries, and blessings as well as seasons of sickness, sadness, loss, and disagreements.  You see we all tend to change over time, good or bad. We are always learning and growing, so it would be hard for anyone to stay of the exact same mentality forever. 

Some of the best advice that I can give is that even if you feel you know someone well enough to make a commitment to them in any kind of partnership whether it be your work or personal life, make sure you look deep enough to see their true colors.  Take a look at their past, their present and also what their plans are for the future.

I would also encourage you to make sure that YOU are wearing your true colors at all times so that anyone you meet knows exactly who they are engaging with.  Don't be afraid to show the world who you really are because you were designed to be unique and special and have much to contribute to all those who are lucky enough to know you.  I am confident that grasping this notion will help push you in the direction of living your most balanced and beautifulife forever.

My affirmation for you this week is;

I am wearing my true colors at all times so the world can see all that I am meant to be."

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