A few weeks ago I wrote about how important it is to keep a close eye out for the things that you need to remove from your life as certain unwanted items and people tend to creep in without even realizing it.  So, today I would like to follow up on that advice with some new relevant information that is necessary to fill the void from the things that you clean out.

Remember that every time you take something out of your life regardless of what it is, you will most likely need to fill the space before the old stuff creeps right back in. I will give you some examples to make it easier for you to apply and encourage you to come up with ideas that might fit nicely into your life.

Emotional - Refresh your mind with positive thoughts, affirmations, and inspiration.  Listen to uplifting music, read books with positive messages and continue to tell yourself how awesome you are, which will close the gap from anything negative entering.

Spiritual - Find a suitable place of worship and fellowship with like-minded believers and fill your heart with love and light.  Write down the messages that resonate with you and keep them close to your heart. Pray for yourself and others and believe in the best results.

Physical - After removing any unhealthy foods from your diet, you will need to replace them with alternatives that keep your vibrant and strong.   A few examples would be to replace processed snacks with more fresh fruits, vegetables or nuts. Sodas or sugary drinks can be replaced with drinking more water - try adding a lemon slice for some taste and other benefits.  Skip the dessert and have a reduced sugar alternative or even a nice glass of red wine instead.

Environmental - There are many ways to refresh your environment.  Outdoors, it is always nice to do a bit of planting or landscaping to make things look fresh again.  Indoors, it makes a big difference when you repaint, re-furnish or redecorates an area to bring out a whole new look and feel.  

Social - Make some new friends and refresh your social life, which is essential especially if you have removed a few that were holding you back or bringing you down.  Another great thing to do is to join a new group or club that you're passionate about or get involved with a non-profit organization that will help you contribute to change and growth.

I love the word refresh because it is so positive and can contribute to much needed change in all areas of your life.  It is such an important word for me that I named my second step to my skincare line after it with an affirmation that keeps you right in line with helping you live your most balanced and beautifulife.

My affirmation for you this week is;

“I am adding only the best things back into my life to fill the void from all that has been removed”  

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