The Little Things

Every so often, I believe that we need to take a step back and slow down to realize what is right in front of us.  Why is it that we tend to wait for big moments in life to show appreciation for things that are actually before us every single day?  We often look for the big accomplishments, gifts, and circumstances but overlook the tiny little things in our lives that really are the most significant.  

It's easy to forget how lucky we are as we flow through or daily routines until perhaps something happens, and those little things are missing.  People that go through storms and loose power appreciate a simple thing such as a shower, a hot cup of coffee, or air conditioning. We tend to cherish our health so much more when we experience being sick instead of being grateful every day when we feel good.  

Appreciating all the beautiful moments today will keep you grounded, happier, and less stressed about tomorrow.  A hug from a loved one, a call from a friend or a note to say thanks are little things that actually mean so much more when they are missing.  I know how much I appreciate when someone gives me a smile, a hug, or even a nice compliment, and I make it a point to respond with gratitude.

As we move into the time of year that we are all giving thanks for our blessings, let's take some extra time to think about these little moments that bring us so much joy but would be terribly missed if they were not there.  I encourage you to write down a few of these things to see them in front of you and then openly express gratitude for them every single day.  

Learning to be grateful for little things will not only keep you happier and more balanced but will also help you to walk through struggles or disappointments with a more peaceful feeling that this too shall pass.  Sometimes we need to stop trying to be more and to have more rather than expressing to ourselves that the here and the now is good too.

Take a look around you, and as you go through your day, open up your eyes and your heart to see just how lucky you are and how beautiful your life is.

My affirmation this week is;

"I am grateful for every little thing that surrounds me and brings me joy every single day of my beautifulife."

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